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Traver Boehm at the gym

What's Uncivilized?

Unapologetically Male. Dangerous but not a danger. Makes still his mind, makes savage his body. Knows his gifts grow in the garden of his wounds. Practices presence and performance. Honors the men before him, the women who bore him, and the children who will inherit his Earth. Has equal and easy access to his head, heart, and balls. Lives, by the rule — there are no rules — but there is responsibility. Loves fiercely, openly, and without reservation. Knows strength without love is tyranny. Knows love without strength is victimhood.

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We’re here to show men another way of being. To get large groups of them together and fucking shake them. Then train them: To embrace their innate duality. To know their power and use it responsibly. To express their greatness without apology.

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We’re here to uncivilize millions of men, then unleash them into the world - as a positive force, a force to be reckoned with.